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Faction: Majority-Owned by Our Collective.


Faction Skis were born when Australian co-founder Tony McWilliam pressed 44 skis with the now-renowned Faction moniker for seasonaires and friends, crossing the border by cover of darkness back to Verbier on Christmas Eve 2003.

In spring 2006, Tony and co-founder Alex Hoye met at a bar in Verbier. Alex grew up skiing in Idaho in the American West and had just switched back from snowboarding to skiing and was spending seasons in Verbier. Both agreed that the thrill of a freespirit, boardsport culture focused on the riders, on innovation and on expression was in need.

The 90s and early 2000s were a magic moment in the history of ski culture in as handful of fresh brands in the US, France and Switzerland emerged to challenge the traditional majors. We cared about driving innovation, style and creativity rather than getting down the mountain a 100th of a second faster than the pack.

Faction is proud to be one of those brands who catalyzed the freeskiing movement, and to carry that banner to this day and for the decades to come.

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To get there, over 400 investors have invested big and small, making Faction literally majority-owned by our skier fans.  The Collective is the majority around here.   If you’d like to get involved in a brand, a company, a movement where we’re building long-term value and the owners are individuals like you, we’re closing a round now.

Our factories help us source materials from all over Europe – base, sidewall and topsheet materials from Austria, woods from Eastern Europe, fibreglass and carbon from Germany, our hybrid cores from Denmark. All our woods are FSC certified, and we work together to come up with ways to better use materials with less waste and to reduce our environmental footprint.